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ARRANT SAUDADE 'The Peace Of Solitude'
ARRANT SAUDADE 'The Peace Of Solitude'
ARRANT SAUDADE 'The Peace Of Solitude'
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Arrant Saudade was formed in 2015 by Riccardo Veronese (Aphonic Threnody,

Gallow God), Hangsvart (Abysmal Growls Of Despair, Plagueprayer) and Juan
Escobar C (Astorvoltaires, Aphonic Threnody). The band is multicultural coming
from England, France and Chile. They have tried to keep a Funeral Doom feel to
the music but really open up the sound of the instruments and give each part its
own story within the songs. After years of playing in various bands the fruits of been
able to express and have total freedom in their music has opened up the songs on
a great dark journey with many twists and unexpected turns.
Band Members:
Hangsvart - Vocals
Riccardo Veronese - Guitars
Juan Escobar C - Keys, Bass, Drums & Backing Vocals

Стиль Doom
Лейбл GS Productions
Носитель CD-audio
Год издания 2015

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