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About GS Productions

“No, a true seeker, one who truly wished to find, could
accept no doctrine. But the man who has found what he
sought, such a man could approve of every doctrine, each
and every one, every path, every goal; nothing separated
him any longer from all those thousands of others who
lived in the eternal, who breathed the Divine.”
Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

"Time does not heal your pain - it makes you can live with it".

You are not near us, but we remember you!
My dear, our time has come!
Time tears us apart, it doesn't wait
It takes us way and always lie!

The idea of creation of the label is and was b:
"Tales From Lonely Lands"
(Depressive Mode)

To go away from daily vanity
Awake in sweat at night an realize
That when you lose a father -like you lose your shoulder
and when a mother is gone - it's like your heart is no more
(Sergei Terent'jev)

The words can not be always said by words -
pain, happiness, tears, bliss and that state of your soul when you wish to thank and to share - the words are empty.

But I believe that my every THANK YOU will be heared!

So: we are one year old today! And in the first place, I'd wish to say - thank you to all of you who believed in a young and totally unknown lable without even it's own website at it's first steps, and to ones who just simply believed in us and came along with us!

A year of meeting with new wonderful people, acquiring new friends all over the world! Thank you all those who responded to my requests in the past and to those who will be with us in the future!

A special thanks to the MAN with very non-trivial artistic vision - our cover art designer GORELAW - THANK YOU!


To those teachers who trained my musical taste - and I'm proud of it : Евгений Бойцов,Сергей Toki,121!

to those people who helped me throughout this year :

Саня МОСТ, Виктор ДЕД, Чепурнов Сергей, Денисов Дмитрий, Palamariuc Dimitri, ROBERTO MURA, Соркин Илья, Виктория Польшина, Toki, Бойцов Евгений, 121, Solitude Prod (Сергей, Евгений )., Endless Winter (Semykin Gennady), Обоскалов Андрей (Stygian Crypt), Шульц-Metalism Gravitator (Mad-Max),Дима Lacrimosa, Майоров Владимир, Швед Роман, Дима художник Дима Voodoocult, Юра Differentsound, FONO (Игорь), Федоров Андрей - просто за то ,что ты есть! магазин ТРАНСИЛЬВАНИЯ и сотрудники, Сергей Thrashassault, Максим Салмин ,Паша SoundAge, Михаил Геннадиевич, Максим Чистяков и журнал Rockoracle, Андрей Корюхин и журнал DARKCITY, Dementr Grailight, Денис VACKH, Герман (R.I.P.) , Володя SKYLORD, Валера HOLY, Артур, Алексей Учитель,Алексей Kunsthauch,Александр Мусатов, Николай Нетл, Валера, Recordsman, Наталья, Тимур Digipack, Коля Wildknight.
Gennady(EW) - for new GSP site layout.

and especially I would like to thank

DEPRESSIVE MODE for being the first that were with us!

Thanks all band: Corrupted Suburbs, No Guerra (all Band and Juls Ribera), Nest (Aslak Tolonen), DEAD (Dany DEAD),Consummatum Est (Emanuele Telli), Lynn Stokes and Sol Supfers, Indecadence (Javier Suarez Gonzalez and Attn Alberto Alfaro), Dark Reality (Philipp Kailer), Valkiria (Valkus), Dreams After Death (Illes Andras), Dawn Of Tears (J. Alonso and all Band), In Lacrimaes Et Dolor (Palamariuc Dimitri), Night Of Suicide (Ben de Graaff,Markus Heinonen), Outlying (Fred A. Dubeau,Dany Lachance,Steve DeCotret), Solarisis (Gijs van Ouwerkerk and all band ), Bombnation (Jack Moose and all Band), Urna (ROBERTO MURA and all Band), Il Sangue and Parasitic Rec.,The Great Crusades (Brian Krumm,Brian Hunt,Brian Leach,Christian Moder) Mathias Grassow, Deos (DANIEL NEAGOE), AphonicThrenody (Riccardo,Roberto,Kostas,Abel,Marco) Ennui (David Unsave,Sergi Shengelia), Horizon Obscur (Martin Lessard and all Band), Nagaarum (Gabor Toth), Milanku (Hubert Taschereau and all Band), anasazi (Mathieu Madani and all Band), Wings of an Angel (Felix Kaplan),Frowning (Valentin Wutzler) Seth Ect (Aybars Altay and all Band), Asgaroth (Christopher Baque WIldman and all Band), DISPATCHED (Daniel Lunberg and all Band), Fatal Thir13en (F13) , Furious Trauma (Lars Schmidt),Gus Of Sweden ( Gustaf), Lady Dottie & the Diamonds, Without Grief (Tobias Ols), R.I.P. Soldier (Nichollas Radamés),Mourning Hours (BD),Spina Bifida ,

We also thank: Thy Catafalque,Asgaroth,Mathias Grassow,Agalloch,Saturnus, Compos Mentis! - for your music!

and at last - the MUSIC for emotions and inspiration, makes us alive and happy, thanks to all those who makes it and those who can listen to it!

Thanks to those who buy cds and makes it possible for us to make more releases!

We wish all the best of luck in everything! To all musicians and all fans that are still buying the music - THANK YOU!

We apologize to anyone we may have missed here, but you all are in our hearts!




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