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ALMACH - The Whispers Of The Desert
Jul 21 2024 12:51

The new album of the Almaсh band, in thematic terms, is a logical continuation of its

predecessors. It interweaves images inspired by the History of Afghanistan and the Nature of this unique land.

Musically, listeners are in for an unexpected surprise - this album is more brutal than previous and

closer to traditional black metal than to folk music, which many are accustomed to hearing in the works of Almach.

Silent Deep Ocean - Of The Soul And Saltwater
Jul 9 2024 21:38

'This album is dedicated to the shadowed one waiting patiently on distant shores for the Hadalpelagian to return....

Silent Deep Ocean - The Abyssopelagic Ecologies
Jul 9 2024 21:35

In creating this album, I was inspired by the concept that everyone carries their own darkness within them. Life often plunges us into our own abyssopelagic zones, places where we confront our fears, sorrows, and uncertainties. Yet, despite these depths, we continue to navigate our lives with an innate strength that defies the darkness.

"The Abyssopelagic Ecologies" is a reflection of this resilience. Just as the deep ocean is teeming with life in spite of its harsh conditions, so too do we find ways to thrive amidst our personal struggles. This album is a tribute to that inner strength, a sonic exploration of the shadows that shape us and the silent power within that keeps us moving forward.

Jun 5 2024 21:47

Second solo album by Sakis Tolis of ROTTING CHRIST. CD Version

very Limited Edition

Dark Gothic Metal

Release date October 2024

SAKIS TOLIS - Among the Fires of Hell CD
Jun 5 2024 21:44

Debut solo album by Sakis Tolis of ROTTING CHRIST.

Dark Gothic Metal

дата Релиза Сентябрь

ROCKET RIDER model 2017-2022.
Jun 5 2024 21:40

ROCKET RIDER model 2017-2022. SOON!!! All three albums of instrumental one-man are the project of ex-guitarist of the “Blood Pollution” team Denis Bukharev.

📀 To all fans of non-aggressive guitar hard’n’heavy with elements of progressive, space retro & synthwave, reminiscent of the soundtrack to a Sci-Fi thriller from the 80s - in general, I advise you - you will like it.

2018 - Heartbeat: Reload

2021 - Rocket Rider

2022 - Red Waves

📀 Each album is a 4-panel digipack + a bunch of bonuses. This is the first time on CD with such content (except for the first one – it was released without bonuses). Release date is approximately August 2024. Pre-order is valid.

Yede Tam - Before The Crimson Bloom
May 23 2024 21:13


This is a tribute to nature itself, the forest!

A cold and dissonant sound in the veins of the early nineties of the last century. Repetitive, almost mantric riffs carry this material.

The first three songs are directly inspired by Mongolian stories about winter and the death of their people from cold and frostbite. The last track of the material is a story about the Agriates desert and life in this area. Agriates is a territory of Corsica, divided between the microregions of Balagne and Nebbio in Upper Corsica.

We aim for this demo to be the beginning of the upcoming album. We have already booked a studio in Sweden, where we will meet before the end of the year (depending on where we have to work) and record a full-length album that will be even colder than this material. Also, as soon as we receive a new directive for our peacekeeping mission and determine the countries we will be in, we will begin preparing the sets for the live performance

Silent Deep Ocean - The Throne Of Whispers And Dust
May 22 2024 19:42


very similar to the first album of TRISTANIA and THE SINS OF THY BELOVED

Tamás Kátai - 2005​-​2023
May 8 2024 11:10

Exclusive edition!

with a bunch of bonus tracks

- 100 Jewel Cases, 2 CDs with OBI strip, hand numbered and signed by Tamás Kataj, limited to 100 copies.

- 100 jewel cases and 2 CDs, limited to 100 copies.

MASSACRED - Immortal Hell Beast
Apr 9 2024 23:57

5cd Limited BOXSET


MASSACRED - Human Extermination CD Digipak

MASSACRED - Lunatic Massacre CD Digipak

MASSACRED - Pandemonium Of Terror CD Digipak

MASSACRED - Unholy Infestation CD Digipak

MASSACRED - The Final Revenge Compilation CD Digipak

Mar 27 2024 15:30


with the album DOOMSDAY

this is excellent European quality Death Metal with elements

technical death metal in the best traditions of Suffocation and others like them

Jan 16 2024 00:11

SPECIALLY FOR RUSSIA! and only for fans from Russia

courtesy of Richard Lederer

MASSACRED - The Final Revenge Compilation
Jan 11 2024 08:28

Ultra Super Argentina forever

for MORTICIAN fans

Z O M B I (Belarus) - Apocalypse
Nov 22 2023 11:12

The coolest, post-apocalyptic Thrash Metal from Belarus

MEDENERA - Ferro 2024
Sep 10 2023 19:16


AUTUMN releases Hard/Heavy USSR (1980 - 1994)
Sep 10 2023 19:15

AUTUMN releases Hard/Heavy USSR (1980 - 1994)

NOTTURNO - Obsessions
Jul 13 2023 19:54

"Obsessions" is the debut album of the newest project of multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli (Dawn of a Dark Age, Suici.De.Pression) called NOTTURNO. A melancholic trip into the obsessive compulsions that take shape within our lives, the psychological torment, and the scourge of madness that takes hold inside the ancient walls of the human psyche, peering around the dark corners within all of us.

NONE - Inevitable
Jul 13 2023 19:48

The reclusive NONE return in 2023 with their fourth chapter, their longest and darkest work. “Inevitable” is the culmination of their musical legacy, evoking the signature depressive atmosphere that has struck listeners across the globe. Like the last stage of grief, “Inevitable” is a black, nihilistic acceptance… Surrendering to existential loss and failure, only to whisper a sigh of contempt before an apathetic march toward the inevitable end.

Jun 17 2023 14:30

For the first time on CD, the complete discography of the band :


MAGNET - Detective

MAGNET - Day of Wrath

MAGNET (Credo) - We pay for everything

featuring FRESH MEAT PRODUCTIONS / GS productions / METAL ATTACK from 80s

SOLAUTUMN - Inumanazione
Jun 6 2023 11:44

Assumption of human nature, in which we have synthesized the best of our art.

May 16 2023 13:33

THY CATAFALQUE is a metamorphic entity that’s constantly evolving, showcasing musical ingenuity that’s as limitless as it is daring.

Meaning “The Earth,” ‘Alföld’ is grounded in the Avant Garde project’s heavy beginnings.

While the record takes a cue from THY CATAFALQUE’s early days, mastermind Tamás Kátai’s modern progressive instincts shine through, elevating the record beyond the realm of metal as-you-know-it and once again creating a cutting-edge sound that’s far ahead of its time.

10 years... Infinity...
Apr 20 2023 22:40

10 years... Infinity...

JOY - When I Die Of Madness / Depart This Life
Mar 4 2023 11:29

when the remnants of life. slowly leaving your body!

Excellent Depressive/Post/Shogaze Black

GORT - "Forest Myths"
Feb 8 2023 13:10

The only EP of the pre - THY CATAFALQUE dark/black metal project GORT by members of THY CATAFALQUE, GIRE and DAMNATION now with 2 completely re-recorded songs and the original EP from 2000


Jewelcase and Digipak

Tamas remastered + two brand new songs

Hungarian black/dark metal Gort is the predecessor of Thy Catafalque created by Tamás Kátai, János Juhász, Zoltán Kónya (Gire) and Péter Gáspár. Playing some kind of odd, dark metal with black metallish elements released only one EP in 2000. The EP contains four different songs: Worldshade, Thou Luna Black, Awakening, A Forest Myth, but they are melted into one 20 minutes long track called Forest myths.

After writing this material, Tamás Kátai and János Juhász found Thy Catafalque to paint a more extreme and experimental world for themselves.

Almach - Don't Look Back (2023)
Jan 25 2023 18:30

Don't look back. Whatever happens, don't look back. We are wolf-warriors. We bite into the flesh of our enemies under

the sky of my Fatherland. Someday I will return home to look back on the path I have traveled, but not now.

Now I'm standing by the river that separated the worlds to take the last three steps over the horizon.

Almach - Dream Elegy (2021)
Jan 25 2023 18:30

Wind Of Registan brings sad news. Again and again. The blood of the sons of my land is flowing.

But there is no death. Death is just an illusion. A dead man with a sword in his hand will live forever.

Almach - Battle Of Tours
Jan 25 2023 18:26

This album about battles. This album about the departed gods and heroes of the past centuries.

This is a world where the sounds of music merge with the ringing of swords.

This is a story about valor, glory and... death.

ELFFOR - Arkaik (The Trilogy)
Jan 13 2023 10:59

A TRILOGY called Arkaik and a decent album from a veteran of the genre.

Eöl continues to be a master of his craft of Dungeon Synth and Black Metal.

EMBER SUN - Eleusis
Oct 8 2022 14:23

Eleusis is a sophisticated album, complex but easy listening simultaneously. Eleusis means “the advent” our arrival on this world, and the lyrics refer to our survival, ourroots and our destiny, while others referred to excerpts of Ember Sun beloved author H.P. Lovecraft, or some haunting and gloomy thoughts of Lorthar’s mind.

May 20 2022 13:25



in the best traditions of Cradle Of Filth

TAMAS KATAI - Jupiter 92
Apr 19 2022 16:12


not that on CD,

first time we know about it

A versatile and talented person is talented in everything,

how it all started!

TAMAS KATAI started with Synthwave!!!

Swordblood - Infernal Battlefield
Apr 5 2022 11:29


TRISTITIA - Doomystic
Mar 17 2022 18:28

Doomystic the land before me

In the Burial of the Sad One with Darkness

Beyond the Garden of Darkness in the Last Grief

Dwells the moonless nights of a Doomystic Crucidiction

As I drown in the Silver Lake and lay to rest...

vetvi - Glubina
Mar 10 2022 12:57

It can be endlessly explore the world inside and out, wonder at its diversity and mystery, but the most incomprehensible place is the depth of the soul. Artifacts raised from the bottom of the personal nature, covered with the silt of time, can tell about much more unimaginable things.

What could be more real and honest than to admit to yourself your own weakness?

Every note of the album is wrapped in the resonance of the felt with the observed. Every word carries genuine thoughts about what has been experienced and what is being experienced.

The future is somewhere in the arms of the branches, visible in the depths of the cold fog, which becomes so dense that I can beat against it like a wall.

WAELTAJA - Niedergeschlagenheit
Mar 4 2022 00:43

New album

Something completely different

Feb 20 2022 20:54

"GRAV|ÄNDE explores the concept of suffering through time and space. It seems to take into consideration the notion that what we percieve as despair may not exclusively be a construct of man. Perhaps a certain aspect of these emotions precedes human conciousness, or any kind of sentience for that matter.

The intention behind these songs is to invite the listener to a dimension where this may well be the case. Here, despair did not begin and will not end. Nor is it a product of space or time. It is simply an uncompromising force, a perfect state communicating through the perfect host."

Cryonomicon - The Nevermelting Story
Feb 15 2022 22:25

The Nevermelting Story is the first chapter of a long frostbiten journey through endless cold and summerless lands of the North. Atmospheric guitar riffs enveloped in the dark and wintry keys along with the heavy steps of drums of doom and formidable growls will take you the everwinter land, where time is frozen and ice is eternal.

"Archive Studio SOYUZ" GORESLEEPS > And the Voice from Legend Will Proclaim 2CD
Feb 15 2022 10:33

"Archive Studio SOYUZ"

first time on cd GORESLEEPS :

«And the Voice from Legend Will Proclaim» 2CD

+ mega three rare demos

Crystalline Crying Demo 1993.

Reflections Demo 1993.

Promo Tape Demo 1994

ALMACH - Realm
Jan 17 2022 20:24

Absolutely amazing release from Afghanistan

Epic / Atmospheric Black Metal .

This is absolutely stunning

The album is dedicated to our land and the East in general. A person. The war. Native Land.

Elador - A Wanderer's Tale
Jan 12 2022 22:21

An amazing album, as soon as you turn it on, close your eyes, you immediately find yourself in a mysterious forest, intoxicated with the magical light of the stars and the singing bowls of the valleys. And if you take a walk through this forest, you will undoubtedly get to a cozy house, which is filled with the sounds of this album. I can only advise you to keep your eyes and ears wide open so as not to miss this wonderful album.

- Atmospheric DRUGS -

Sencezium - Desperately Сoncerned
Dec 26 2021 23:26

A story of despair when lost and only night remains

Cold fog, Sorrow

BUT .... h o p e f u l n e s s.......... ARE YOU ?!

on all digital platforms from January 5th

on CD March 16 2022

Pre order

Mathias Grassow - Lichtwerk
Dec 25 2021 13:24

Lichtwerk: A musical idea based on the mythological division of life into seasons. Every 18 years there is a change to a new stage of cognition, love and knowledge .......

The 4 core pieces are framed by opportunities and crises that we choose ourselves......

DECEPTIVE - Heart Sweeted Lie
Dec 25 2021 13:22

with the first SPRING RAYS OF MARCH


APHONIC THRENODY - The All Consuming Void (jewelcase)
Dec 25 2021 12:52

"There is darkness everywhere, in the serenity of our thoughts, deep encompassed into our very beings, on the endless canvas of our dreams. There is darkness inside the soil beneath our feet and in the heavens above us.

A fad, tenderous gloom enshrouded in suffering and misc, in the coming of time to pass once more guiltless and ignorant. There is a void, all consuming and ruthless, an emptiness which expands to the very core of our souls, imploding, thundering and monstrous. An impending prophecy that stands the sands of time.

Restless, oblivious to humanity, like a disfigured deity who casts a one last curse upon the world whence it came from. A mutilated and distorted rendering of what seemed to be the honesty of sentiments, the clad in ashes grey, the veil of sorrow and pain.

A room stenching of disgust and greed, breeding a venomous drive to eradicate and subjugate all positivity in the world. That is what we are. A void, consuming until there is nothing left. A void taking the shape and form of eternity, for eternity's dust has already settled over our atrocity : life".

CLOUDS - Acoustic
Dec 16 2021 15:54

Я отдал свое сердце

Сборник песен со всех альбомов в акустической версии

Clouds - Despartire / Расставание (Прощание)
Oct 22 2021 12:24

Force. Passion. The senses. Emotions!

Every bunch ... every note

Two editions: Digipak and Jewelcase

Ningizzia - Dolorous Novella - Extended Version
Oct 1 2021 22:11


Elite Doom / Death

Ningizzia - Dolorous Novella
Oct 1 2021 22:09

Elite Doom / Death


Ningizzia - The Dark Path
Oct 1 2021 22:06

Elite Doom Death

first published on cd

Eye Of Solitude - Godless
Sep 28 2021 11:53

Music is what I've been given by whatever divine entity out there and I see it as my savior and purpose in life.


Sepultus Est - In Tenebris Sine Nomine
Sep 19 2021 22:15

New Album from Peru.

Funeral Doom

The piano will tell you in detail about the last minutes, and breathing additional keys gush out the last oxygen from the tightly clogged box.

SOMNENT - Gardens From Graves
Aug 30 2021 00:01

Gardens from Graves is a concept album which documents the struggle with trying to overcome depression and internal conflict resulted from emotional abuse. The focus is on trying to overcome the harm that was inflicted in spite of feeling hopeless and taking back control over one's own life.

This album is also dedicated to the memory of a very close family member that passed away due to cancer in 2020. The opening track titled "Silhouette" is a testament to those final moments that were spent by their bedside as they passed on.

Aug 29 2021 23:59

This album tells of the third era that was called bronze, more cruel and more prone to frightening weapons than the previous one, however not infamous, such as the following and last, the Iron Age.

Aug 20 2021 13:21

Re-release in jewelcase with kind permission under license from Firebox Records

+ more bonus tracks

FOREST OF SHADOWS - Where Dreams Turn To Dust
Aug 20 2021 13:20

Re-release in jewelcase with kind permission under license from Firebox Records

+ more bonus tracks

MetalBlack - Simple Words
Aug 1 2021 22:42



KALMANKANTAJA - III (demo 3/2011)
Jun 29 2021 18:04

For the first time separately on CD + bonus

Each composition is filled with a kind of alienation that is so inherent in the forest expanses of Finland.

KALMANKANTAJA - Tekopyhyyttä Pyhässä Temppelissä (demo 2/2011)
Jun 29 2021 18:03

For the first time separately on CD + bonus

Each composition is filled with a kind of alienation that is so inherent in the forest expanses of Finland.

KALMANKANTAJA - Elämä On Kuoleva Huora (demo 1/2011)
Jun 29 2021 18:02

For the first time separately on CD + bonus

Each composition is filled with a kind of alienation that is so inherent in the forest expanses of Finland.

Jun 12 2021 15:07

Legends of Swedish Doom/Death

New album of 2020 and bonus track specially for this edition

Jun 12 2021 15:05

Legends of Swedish Doom/Death

Parnter news - Éla will release on Endless Winter
Jun 5 2021 15:00

Endless Winter gladly presents debutants from sunny Italy.

Éla was born in Trento in 2017, from the mind of singer and guitarist Marco SG as a solo project that aims to offer doom/death metal.

After a self-produced demo and with the intention of turning the project into a real band and record an album, Éla is joined by drummer Corra (Sign Of The Jackal), bassist Lorenzo and guitarist Cory and in the fall of 2019 the band began recording their debut album "Éla", that will be released on June 20th.

The whole album is characterized by dark atmospheres and melancholic slow riffs, with lyrics inspired by weird films, history and mythology.

It will be released in two versions: jewelcase and 4-panel digipak.

For fans of Bell Witch, Ahab, Asunder.

AMAZEROTH - Ten Swiat...
May 24 2021 22:08

This is how HISTORY was written

full remastered

RISE TO THE SKY - "Per Aspera Ad Astra" (Digipak version)
May 9 2021 12:52

“With death, times stops, matter fades, present and future cease to exist, and only the past remains.” (Sergio González Bombardiere, 2019).

Upon death, the remaining body is disposed, the person is transformed and keeps living through the ones who remain, in the form of memory, image, and blood. Their past, and the way it molded our lives and destiny, is a perduring reflection of their existence.

Sergio says of this album: “On Wednesday January 6, 2021 my father, Sergio González Bombardiere, passed away suddenly. From one moment to the next, I found myself making phone calls, answering messages, writing obituaries, and making funeral arrangements. We buried my father on Friday, I went home afterwards with certain relief that he had already received a proper funeral and that it was now time for us to grief. On that weekend, while trying to cope with this new reality, I went to my studio, and having no idea what to say or do, I wrote the song Per Aspera Ad Astra”

RISE TO THE SKY - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Jewelcase)
May 9 2021 12:43

“With death, times stops, matter fades, present and future cease to exist, and only the past remains.” (Sergio González Bombardiere, 2019).

Upon death, the remaining body is disposed, the person is transformed and keeps living through the ones who remain, in the form of memory, image, and blood. Their past, and the way it molded our lives and destiny, is a perduring reflection of their existence.

Sergio says of this album: “On Wednesday January 6, 2021 my father, Sergio González Bombardiere, passed away suddenly. From one moment to the next, I found myself making phone calls, answering messages, writing obituaries, and making funeral arrangements. We buried my father on Friday, I went home afterwards with certain relief that he had already received a proper funeral and that it was now time for us to grief. On that weekend, while trying to cope with this new reality, I went to my studio, and having no idea what to say or do, I wrote the song Per Aspera Ad Astra”

Cold Womb Descent - A Handful Of Spacedust
Apr 19 2021 22:42

This isn't but a regular remix album of Cold Womb Descent and Thanatonaut stuff. Never forced, born out of fresh inspiration, these were around for years. We felt the urge to finalize those remixes and share them with you

Apr 19 2021 18:50

in the ninth year of the project's existence, the long-awaited fourth full-length from the master of the ruthless, unforgiving Funeral Doom comes out

IMBARU - Acacia Caven
Apr 13 2021 13:57

Dedicated to the beauty of the sclerophyllous forest.

A forest like any other natural environment which gives us peaceful sunrises

and sunsets and reminds us of the fragility of our existential passage through nature's paths,

in the constant search for self-knowledge and serenity.


Facebook page:

FUNERAL MOURNING - Drown In Solitude
Apr 13 2021 11:20

reprint in digipak,

An absolute canvas that has already become a classic of the genre Funeral / Black

Apr 13 2021 10:59

Funeral Mourning project


Life cannot be stopped! Even with a cataclysm

Cold Womb Descent - Age Of Ldaovh
Apr 2 2021 10:53

A return to Ldaovh galaxy

DARK THE SUNS – Sleepwalking In A Nightmare
Apr 2 2021 10:48

Finnish Melodic Death / Doom / Gothic

DARK THE SUNS – All Ends In Silence
Apr 2 2021 10:46

Finnish Melodic Death / Doom / Gothic

DARK THE SUNS – In Darkness Comes Beauty / The Dead End
Apr 2 2021 10:45

Finnish Melodic Death / Doom / Gothic

Partner news
Mar 27 2021 20:47

Еndless Winter proudly announces the signing of a contract for the publication of a new album.

The band Solemn Echoes was formed as a result of friendship and cooperation between John (Chalice of Suffering, USA) and Fabio (HellLight, Brazil). United by common ideas, they decided to establish a new project in the style of funeral doom metal.

The debut of the team is striking with its power and depth, the basis for this is the great experience of the participants in other staffs. Soulful, gentle keyboard parts, alternated by heavy guitars and the vocalist's womb growl, express a light seal and oppressive depression, awaken thoughts of eternal truths and crushing grief.

The album will be released on May 1, 2021 in two versions - jewelcase and in a 6-panel digipak.

Astwind - Astwind
Mar 19 2021 10:02

Incredibly hypnotic beautiful Atmospheric Black

for those who love: Elderwind. Luster. Eldamar

Astwind - Spell Of The Melancholic Landscapes
Mar 19 2021 09:58

Towards the tilted old tree

Astwind - Sigilo Nocturno
Mar 19 2021 09:57

This is the fall of the sun, the arrival of the halflight that brings with it mystery, the celestial mantle perched on the earth, where everything awaits in the shadows, there in the night stealth.

Tamás Kátai - Slower Structures
Mar 19 2021 00:31

For the first time on black vinyl

limited to 300 numbered copies

Neolunar - Neolunar
Mar 19 2021 00:30

For the first time on black vinyl

limited to 300 numbered copies

including a previously unreleased track

TOWER - Trilogy
Mar 16 2021 22:38

3CD Digipak

CD1 : The Swan Princess

CD2 : Mercury

CD3 : Raven

TOWER - Uriel
Mar 15 2021 15:02


Mar 12 2021 20:57

: LOR3L3I: - Heike Langhans solo project.

She is known for her participation in bands such as Draconian, Light Field Reverie, ISON, Inferium and The Great Sleep.

The project was founded in 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa.

The project develops under the influence of such genres as darkwave, synth-pop, ambient and downtempo.

space, love, death, darkness, inner experiences!

atmosphere of gloomy peace

Lacrymae Rerum - Mortui Sepeliant Mortuos
Mar 8 2021 17:00

Remastered :

I walk

Through these halls

And corridors

To nowhere

The paintings

In the walls...

They're like mirrors

With frozen eyes

Lacrymae Rerum - Voices Through The Black Corridor
Mar 8 2021 16:54

Remastered :

I'm not dead... i just was sleeping

Waiting in my cold bed... Opening this black curtains

Throught the black corridor... Feeling me empty

We're all trapped in woe... Lost in the shadows

No one can see... No one can exist

Only dead emotions... Are in our beings

And you... You will become us

Envy us... Feel us

You will not exist anymore

I'll recibe you here... In this black corridor

Where we will stay... In our eternal sleep...

Clouds Taste Satanic - Cloud Covered
Mar 5 2021 23:50

The new chapter is

an instrumental doom, maximally enriched, turned on the psychedelia of the guitar sound, a true believer in the doom religion, as the only true one in this world.

Gravkväde - Grav|vind
Mar 3 2021 22:14

Since their beginning in 2016, Swedish band Gravkväde has aimed to create the most bleak and agonizing music possible by transcending the boundaries between the abrasive dissonance of black metal and the oppressive, crushing weight of funeral doom.

The latest EP GRAV|VIND has existed as a vision during almost the entirety of the bands existence. For this release, the band has reworked the black metal classic ‘’En Vind av Sorg’’ by Darkthrone into an entrancing, sorrowful journey through the very foundation of old school black metal and funeral doom. The result is a 17 minute long composition that is guaranteed to make the listener feel the same kind of despair that went into the creation of this piece.

Next up is the song ‘’Lidandet’’, a reworked version of a track the band originally wrote for their first album. Lidandet is a ritualistic black ambient piece that explores the nature of human suffering.

The CD will be released in 2021 by GS productions and includes a complete collection of the bands early demo material as a bonus.

Cold Womb Descent - Forest Cathedrals
Feb 27 2021 08:58

Let's explore the inner universe

Actus Septem - The Catechism of Death
Feb 27 2021 08:28

Death is a principle that governs all of nature. It is the fundamental factor that separates existence and non-existence. It is the only question that concerns Man in His course, since He began to observe and think. Death is the mighty living proof of the incarnation of Μan. It is the first question mark. In this album we deal with the phenomenon of Death, as a phenomenon that happens and occurs as a natural end of life. Death is the trigger for the very philosophy and creation of all the religions of the Cosmos. Its influence is so decisive in the view of existence that the "after life", post mortem, is able to separate the religions themselves. The content of the album is a product of our thinking and mentalism, and is rendered as a dance of emotions. It came as a consequence of Death, that occurs within the Human species, and is a personal testimony, as we became communicants ourselves, of the Death that occurred to our most intimate family members.

THY CATAFALQUE - Microcosmos
Feb 23 2021 11:04

Thy Catafalque's second album

two editions in Digipak and Jewelcase

new image

release date May 20

THY CATAFALQUE - Sublunary Tragedies
Feb 23 2021 10:57

Thy Catafalque's first album

two editions in Digipak and Jewelcase

new image

release date May 20

DARKLIGHT - Theatrum October 2CD
Feb 23 2021 10:42

First time on CD

two editions in 2CD Digipak and 2CD Jewelcase

Old project of Tamas Katai from Thy Catafalque, Gire, Towards Rusted Soil and Gort. A definitive must for anyone, who waits for more Thy Catafalque


releases May 20, 2021

TOWER - The Swan Princess
Feb 21 2021 23:00


reissue in digipak

Enchanting sound 90s !!!

TOWER one of the best melodic metal bands to grace the old stage Poland.

Melodic and symphonic music, at time even like Phlebotomized or Dan Swanös projects.

And also great female vocals

Tower - Mercury
Feb 21 2021 22:59


reissue in digipak

Enchanting sound 90s !!!

TOWER one of the best melodic metal bands to grace the old stage Poland.

Melodic and symphonic music, at time even like Phlebotomized or Dan Swanös projects.

And also great female vocals

Feb 21 2021 22:56

ONLY 150 Copies Digipak

courtesy of Daniel:

© CLOUDS (Courtesy and licensed by Daniel, Clouds)

Feb 21 2021 22:54

ONLY 150 Copies Jewelcase

With THEIR arrival, the DOOM scene changed forever


courtesy of Daniel:

© CLOUDS (Courtesy and licensed by Daniel, Clouds)

Show Me a Dinosaur - Show Me a Dinosaur
Feb 1 2021 15:25


It is said that almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star. Our bodies are made of their remnants and massive explosions in the galaxies. Everything we are originates from stardust and it continually floats through us.

FUNERAL MOURNING - Descent - Left Seething
Jan 25 2021 18:04


FUNERAL MOURNING - Inertia of Dissonance - A Sermon in Finality
Jan 25 2021 17:55


Abyssmal Sorrow - Lament
Jan 24 2021 13:34


Ravenous Waters As Distant As My Misery

That Voracious Longing For My Days...


My Blood-Soaked Days To Turn

A Deadful Grey ...


The Howling Void - The Triumph Of Ruin
Jan 7 2021 13:18

Reprinted with permission from Avantgarde Music

Titan Funeral Doom

SOMN - The All​-​devouring
Jan 7 2021 13:02

Who are we really that we are capable of such horrifying acts in our dreams; That our mind can be both so twisted or so grandiose and wonderful in its liberated creation?

There are times we want to dream because it frees our soul and amplifies vision, yet sometimes we fear to sleep because our demons eagerly await to take over our mind. They fuel the anxiety that keeps us hypervigilant and awake at night and the kind of animal fear that consumes us as we reluctantly fall asleep.

Oh the night is merciless and long. Come, hold my hand and sing for me that song. Soon I shall leave you behind, soon I shall leave all I know behind. Soon sleep shall take me.

Rise To The Sky - Let Me Drown With You
Jan 1 2021 02:01

Rise to the Sky - Let Me Drown with You

Rise to the Sky releases its second album “Let Me Drown with You” along Russian label GS Productions after the critically acclaimed LP “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart”. Sergio, sole member of the Atmospheric/Death Doom band from Santiago, Chile says of the album:

“Conceived in a time of fear and isolation, this album conveys deep reflections about life and death. By far this is the most sincere and emotional album by Rise to the Sky, it displays a more developed and mature sound than the previous releases, which will blow your mind and break your heart”.

Death Sentence - The Demo Goblin & Dark Days
Dec 30 2020 23:14

For the first time on the CD two demos of the cult band from the Czech Republic Old and unique sound of doom-death of the 90s era

Track listing:

1. Introduction (Goblin)

2. Frozen Emptiness

3. Goblin

4. Fight For the Empire

5. Hidden Eye

6. Introduction (Dark Days)

7. Under the Flag

8. Mr. Mao Tse Tung

9. Dark Days

10. Altars of Repentance

11. Phetus Papyraceus

12. Death Sentence

total album time: 42: 18

My Shameful - To All I Hated
Nov 27 2020 14:23


My Shameful - Penance
Nov 27 2020 14:14


My Shameful - Your Dark Overwhelming / Sown in Sadness
Nov 27 2020 14:08

Slow peals of thunder, quietly going away, Sadly seeing off the firmness!

Thy Catafalque - Zápor
Nov 15 2020 00:52

jewelcase 100 copies

These are 5 songs, partially re-recorded, completely reworked and reworked from Tnő idő tárlat (2004).

+ 2 bonuses

Thy Catafalque - Zápor
Nov 15 2020 00:51

Digipak 100 copies

These are 5 songs, partially re-recorded, completely reworked and reworked from Tnő idő tárlat (2004).

+ 2 bonuses

LYSITHEA - The Voidwalker Collection
Nov 4 2020 19:49



Remastered 2020

releases February 28, 2021

LYSITHEA - The End of All Things
Nov 4 2020 19:47


Remastered 2020

releases February 28, 2021

LYSITHEA - The Secret Fate of All Life
Nov 4 2020 19:46


Remastered 2020

releases February 28, 2021

Nov 4 2020 19:45


Remastered 2020

releases February 28, 2021

POET - Emily
Oct 28 2020 10:29

Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, POET is a funeral doom metal band with elements of classical music. In addition to heavy layers of distorted guitar, POET incorporates violin and choral vocals. Lyrics are taken from Emily Dickinson's collection of nature poetry.

Mathias Grassow - Mondseele
Oct 27 2020 13:20

…Moon stands fort he power of women – the soft side of mankind….

Mathias Grassow - Jericho
Oct 27 2020 13:15

About the well known story from old testimony.

Mathias Grassow - Vivamus
Oct 27 2020 13:12

«Vivamus Sit Potens» is a reminder of what man is and what he fails to be…… a descent in ten stages……

…the way, the truth and the lie……

Arcane Voidsplitter - Cosmic Mind
Oct 27 2020 11:17

The Arcane Voidsplitter, a living ship, still traverses the endless reaches of reality.

Within the depths of space it encounters an anomaly. The almost infinite complexity of reality has given rise to spontaneous sentience, a mind living within the fabric of space.

In its hunger for knowledge, in a desire to fill the vast voids within itself, it expands and consumes. But it doesn't destroy, within itself all minds it touches are preserved and become part of something greater.

The Cosmic Mind encompasses all, a mere thought is all it needs to re-shape reality or make it grow.

On its third album, Arcane Voidsplitter explores the merger of cosmic ambient and droning doom. Cosmic Mind is a soundscape of mental evolution, transcendence, and expansion.

Arcane Voidsplitter is created by Stijn Van Cauter, known from Until Death Overtakes Me and Beyond Black Void.

Offer your mind and become part of cosmic grandeur.

DISPATCHED - Blackshadows : To Hell Part I / Promised Land : To Hell Part II
Oct 21 2020 10:27

Reissue Elite Swedish Melodic Death

FULL REMASTERED + NEW ARTWORK + Booklet (with lirics

and rare photos band)


To Hell Part I + To Hell Part II (1992 - 2004)

Oct 14 2020 11:16














27 OCTOBER 2020

two types of edition :

Digipak (100 copies in total)


Oct 9 2020 19:23

Argento which means silver, is the third album of the one man band Medenera and tells of the facts concerning the second era of the world, following the end of the first golden era. The silver age, as narrated by the Roman poet Ovidius, began after the world passed under the dominion of Jupiter, following the confinement of Saturn in the dark Tartarus, the generation of silver arose, worse than gold but better than blond bronze. Jupiter shortened the duration of the ancient spring and divided the year into four different parts: winter, summer, autumn and spring. So for the first time the air was on fire burnt by a dry heat and the hard ice was suspended in the winds; for the first time shelters were built: the houses were caves, bushes and rods tied with a bark; for the first time the seeds of cereals were sown in long furrows and the bullocks, loaded with the yoke, began to groan.

MetalBlack - Врата Мрака
Oct 9 2020 19:19

New chapter of HISTORY

GENA - Slow Day
Aug 11 2020 15:05

Impenetrable as a wild forest, viscous as a swamp, thick as a predawn fog - Gena "Slow Day" - movement is just an illusion!

GENA - Чур Меня
Aug 10 2020 22:21

This album is about hope. Because even in the darkest hour being in the middle of madness we get up from knees and carry on with faith in our hearts.

ODE - To The Lucanian Wolves
Jul 31 2020 15:41

With this new work inspired by what i call "lucanian sensations", I resume the path where it had been interrupted; the last song that

I had in mind to include in the debut album "to the lucanian forest", was "foresta nuova" inspired by the song "Aelf's Lai" by Black

Sunrise, however then I decided to keep it like master of this new collection. An echo by Black Sunrise can still be found in the song "Selva" inspired by the song "My silvania", while "Green Kingdom" was inspired by the Obscure Devotion song "Subjugation Of The Cursed Kingdom".

ODE - To The Lucanian Forest
Jul 31 2020 15:31

This album is a tribute to the Lucanian metal, in particular my town Potenza, where in the 90s some kids released demo tapes like those from which I extracted these songs.

This album was the occasion for a very mystical travel into my past, inside the forest of my memories.

I have been involved, in different ways, in each of the bands covered in this album. I did a couple of days (june 95?) in Black Sunrise, they were looking for a session live vocalist. then I joined the newly formed Obscure Devotion in June 96, as a guitarist, remaining throughout the summer, in September of the same year I founded Valkiria, in 2003 I played the drums for Warnungs Traum where I also had to deal with the sung, but adverse forces interrupted that kind of experience, in 2005 I joined Ecnephias to record the "November" Demo. Since 2006 the "Foresta Lucana" has become more distant, in terms of kilometers, due to my transfer to northern Italy.

If you ask why the album is entirely instrumental despite the songs were originally sung, well the answer is simple words are useless!

I know that living in Lucania is not easy. I am one of those who had to leave, but I will always be proud of being born in this magical place, and believe it or not I chose to be born there!

Lucanian forest is not only a physical place, it’s something within us.

De la Nostalgie - Serenity ….
Jul 10 2020 13:25

This is a remastered instrumental version of the debut album "A Wonderful Place", it brings as a bonus track a tribute to the legendary band Summoning and the two songs that were part of the Split "Mater Natura Excelsa" are included.

New Art by John Quevedo, 2019

Layout by Williams Inferus

RISE TO THE SKY - Death Will Not Keep Us Apart / In The Grave Of A Forgotten Soul / Moonlight 2CD DIGI
Jun 26 2020 23:51

CD1 : Death Will Not Keep Us Apart

CD2 : In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul + Moonlight


releases October 9, 2020

Death Will Not Keep Us Apart :

Music and lyrics by Rise to the Sky

Mixing, mastering and post-production by Filippos Koliopanos

Cover Artwork and Booklet by GogoMelone

Recorded in SAGC Studios, Santiago, Chile


In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul :

Music and lyrics by Rise to the Sky

Mixing, mastering and post-production by Filippos Koliopanos

Cover Artwork by GogoMelone

Recorded in SAGC Studios, Santiago, Chile


Moonlight :

Music by Rise to the Sky

Mixing, mastering and post-production by Filippos Koliopanos

Cover Artwork by Francisco Gonzalez

Recorded in SAGC Studios, Santiago, Chile

RISE TO THE SKY - Death Will Not Keep Us Apart
Jun 26 2020 22:59


is a one-man Atmospheric Death Doom Metal band from Santiago, Chile. Above all, the music from Rise to the Sky delivers feelings and sentiments, making it a unique musical experience involving subjects such as affection, tragedy, grief, and emotional conflicts towards death.

The first album, Moonlight, was released in December 2019 and uses the stages of day as a metaphor to capture feelings towards the past, that is why it´s full of unexpected changes and mixed atmospheres.

In June 19, 2020 Rise to the Sky released the EP ¨In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul¨, which marked the beginning of a new sound era for Rise to the Sky, leading the band to a funeral/death doom sound and resulting in the production of the album ¨Death Will Not Keep Us Apart¨.

About the album ¨Death Will Not Keep Us Apart¨:

The album was produced along music producer Filippos Koliopanos (Ocean of Grief), who crafted a powerful yet profoundly emotional sound. The cover artwork and bookletwere done by design artist GogoMelone, who translated the music and album concepts into a genuine piece of art.

The concept behind the album is:

"In a post-apocalyptic world, not long away from now, a couple run away from death, which takes the form of many creatures wandering this devastated world. They run around to many places, trying to avoid death, until they find a high cliff where they would be safe.

Unfortunately, only he can make it up, while she is not able to climb up, facing certain death in the open land below the cliff.

Upon this dilemma, he looks down the cliff towards his beloved one, and chooses to descend only to face death along her, hoping for eternal life together after they die.

This was my dream and it is the inspiration for the album"

Gefrorene Fee - Schneegeist
Jun 17 2020 09:03

Красивая сказка стучится в каждый дом :

Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient из Бразилии / Швеции.

Группа рассказывает о Духах, Сказках, Зиме,

Пейзаж и Запустение, с эпическими и депрессивными влияниями.

Until My Funerals Began - Traitor
May 24 2020 10:07

"UMFB, like true doomsters, is slow in releasing new albums, but 7 years after the last full-length album, GS Production will release Traitor this fall.

ELADOR - The Last Journey
May 23 2020 11:52

The Last Journey, which combines piano motifs in the spirit of the same "Drowned Dreams" and good old Elador, in the tradition of the best things - "By the Pathways of Forgotten Legends" and "A Wanderer's Tale"

Yarek Ovich - Introversion
May 23 2020 11:41

An album about suffering, regrets, futility of dreams and awareness of the alienness of the author of the narration of the surrounding society, followed by withdrawal into oneself.

Until My Funerals Began / In Lacrimaes Et Dolor / Sepultus Est
May 2 2020 10:41

No other pain strikes as much as the pain of LOSS!

new split : Dedication

THY CATAFALQUE Two Classic albums back on Vinyl
Apr 26 2020 19:51

Two Classic albums back on Vinyl

Tűnő idő tárlat

200 - 2LP Black

100 - 2LP Purple with black bits

100 - 2LP White with black bits

Róka Hasa Rádió

200 - 2LP Black

100 - 2LP Red with black bits

100 - 2LP Green with black bits

ORKRIST - There And Back Again
Apr 11 2020 12:49

BAND Bandcamp :

released July 10, 2020

Limited Edition 6 Panel Digipak 3 CD

First two albums Remastered + New Album 2020

"Reginae Mysterium" :


01. Apron - Legio Diabolica 1:29

02. Nocturnal Rite 4:40

Orkrist 0:52

03. The Ancient War Spirit 5:45

04. Sword And Sorcery 3:18

05. Euthymia 4:37

06. Justice The Beauty (Andreuola’s Tears) 3:18

07. Desire In The Grace Of The 08. Night (Symphonie Des Grauens) 6:13

09. Reginae Mysterium 3:07

10. Mourning Of A Rose 4:17

11. Epilogue 1:10

"Grond" :


01. For Lordaeron 1:30

02. When The Autumn Comes 4:07

03. Enter Middle-Earth 0:50

04. Glamdring 5:26

05. Mundburg 0:43

06. Angmareddon 6:07

07. Fall Of Gil-Galad 1:20

08. Grond 3:08

09. Dreams Of Life Beyond My Shire Beloved 3:39

10. Rotten Veil Of Nakedness 6:53

11. Shadowlord 6:36

12. There And Back Again 1:28

"Artifacts Of Life"


01. Carpathian Wedding (Intro) 1:20

02. Forest's Bride 5:26

03. Shadowlord II 4:31

04. Interludium I 1:04

05. Where the Knights Sleep, Undying 4:46

06. Interludium II 0:39

07. Eterni-Tree 4:40

08. Maid, Dragon, Brothers's Blood And Wood So Cursed 4:35

09. Incarceration Of Innocence - Artifacts Of Life 7:00

10. Last MMIV 5:56

11. Cold Winter Leave 5:48

Moondweller / Thanatonaut
Apr 10 2020 12:02

Cosmic atmospheric black

FROWNING - Death Requiem
Apr 4 2020 16:16

1. The Sound Of Abandonment

2. Submerged In Emptiness

3. Apocalyptic Essential Misery

4. Reflection (As I Lay Dying Cover)

5. The Threnody (Aphonic Threnody Cover)

6. Ad Finem

As a reminder of the transience of life. And the routine of human life

Mar 28 2020 13:45

CD 1 - Sublunary Tragedies

CD 2 - Microcosmos

CD 3 - Tűnő idő tárlat

CD 4 - Róka hasa rádió

CD 5 - Rengeteg

CD 6 - Sgúrr

CD 7 - Meta

CD 8 - Geometria

CD 9 - Naiv

CD 10 - Zápor (EP)*

CD 11 - Neolunar - Neolunar

CD 12 - Tamás Kátai - Erika szobája

CD 13 - Tamás Kátai - Slower Structures

*Zápor EP is 5 songs partly re-recorded, completely re-mixed and re-mastered from Tűnő idő tárlat, previously unreleased, Vocals by Martina Veronika Horváth.

Artwork by María Gordon

releases November 16, 2020

COLD WOMB DESCENT - Science Art Project, part 1
Mar 7 2020 18:06


GRIMIRG - From The Barren Womb Of Night
Mar 4 2020 15:52

Beautifully Melancholy as night itself

Lauge - Latitudes 2CD Digi
Jan 16 2020 17:26


Latitudes is an experimental drone and ambient album made up by 18 individual live recordings.

All tracks in this project were limited to 8 channels per track and recorded live in one go without any post editing

MetalBlack - Souls of the Burning Woods
Jan 16 2020 17:24

New emotions and a new level of melodies

Digenvez "Lizher-kañv"
Dec 30 2019 16:56

Every tune is about tragedy! every sigh of sadness!

Beauty will save the world

Nov 29 2019 01:06

new album


42:34 min beautiful Peruvian Funeral Doom

Oct 2 2019 14:07




11 full-length albums + bonus CD recorded specially for this edition. New artwork. Complete and strictly limited edition of 300 copies of the discography in the Book of Elffor.


CD I : Into The Dark Forest

CD II : Son Of The Shades

CD III : From The Throne Of Hate

CD IV : Unblessed Woods

CD V : Frostbitten Pain

CD VI : Heriotz Sustraiak

CD VII : Malkhedant

CD VIII : Dra Sad

CD IX : Dra Sad II

CD X : Impious Battlefields

CD XI : Dra Sad III (Beneath The Uplands Of Doom)


CD XII : The Ritual Of A Dead Dawn

releases March 23, 2020

Mathias Grassow - THE WORLD WARS I & II - A Symphony Of Steel
Oct 2 2019 13:57

Strictly limited edition in 8-panel digi, 200 copies, 4 CDs

where you will find excerpts from a triangular letters

words of love, hope and suffering

Mathias Grassow fully uncovers this topic.

all copies will be hand-numbered with a silver pen

This is a story of life, death, weeping and pain,

Pain of mothers who have lost their sons and husbands

Pain of a wound, screams of misery

Death that claimed so many lives

Oct 1 2019 15:27



12 full-length albums + bonus CD recorded specially for this edition. Complete and strictly limited edition of 300 copies of the discography in the Book

CD1 : Kuolonsäkeet

CD2 : Elävältä haudattu

CD3 : Ikuinen taival

CD4 : Ahdistus

CD5 : Musta lampi

CD6 : Viimeinen virsi

CD7 : Muinainen

CD8 : Waldeinsamkeit

CD9 : Tyhjyys

CD10 : Demonwoods

CD11 : Routamaa

CD12 : Kaski

+ several bonuses to the main albums



CD : !!!

releases May 23, 2020

Sep 18 2019 21:20


This new album of the argentinian duo features five tracks of atmospheric funeral doom. Its inspiration and concept is strongly based on the cosmogony created by the writer H. P. Lovecraft. Vocals, instrumentation, sound effects and composition tributes the sinister horrors imagined by the "prophet" of Providence. All lyrics are fragments taken from Lovecraft's works. Each track name makes reference to one of his stories.

Fungoid Stream is Joseph C. (keyboard and programming) and Simon O. (guitar, bass and vocals).

The cover illustration, "The Three-lobed Burning Eye", was made for this release by F. Whelk.

Mistress Of The Dead - Mistress Of The Dead (WOODEN COFFIN BOX)
Sep 18 2019 14:21

Strictly limited edition of the entire discography of Mistress Of The Dead ( 100 copies) that contain all the 15 CDs (4 albums released - just for this boxing) + booklet of 50 pages and a coffin-shaped box + Personal Certificate and the number!


15 CD & Booklet In Wooden Coffin

1.Warnings From Beyond

2. The River Of Quietest Death

3. The Blackened Cross

4. Sepulchral Grief

5. Beneath Funeral Flowers

6. Marytrium

7. Weeping Silence Of The Dead

8. Buried

9. Cryptic

10. White Roses, White Coffin

11. I Know Her Face From The Tombstone

12. Henriette's Message From The Other Shore

13. Mistress Of The Dead, Quercus - Dying Alone - Plorat Et Devorat

14. Beloveth Forever In My Thoughts

15 Funeral Within Me

PRE-ORDER : STARSEED - Cosmic Conspiracy
Sep 3 2019 00:39

The only one release of German atmospheric techno-death metal band STARSEED called "Cosmic Conspiracy". The material is made at a high level in the vein of golden era legendary NOCTURNUS (albums "The Key" and "Thresholds").

6-panel Digipack with 8-page booklet

PRE-ORDER : 2 CD : SADAEL - Weirdest Projection
Aug 29 2019 12:40

the album is a sequel and prequel to all previous albums published by the Sadael group, combining the style of funeral doom in the first disk, like earlier releases and more melodic and faster tracks in the style of new albums

MetalBlack - Curiosity
Aug 27 2019 14:58

magnificent example "EPIC MELODIC BLACK Metal


SAMANTTHA - Bards Elegy
Aug 27 2019 14:56

BRAZIL does not cease to amaze, delight and give on beautiful samples of Melodic Doom!

MEET listen and order:

SAMANTTHA - Bards Elegy


Medenera - Medenir
Aug 6 2019 13:13

Medenera is an atmospheric black metal ambient one man band created in 2017, inspired by fantasy worlds, nature and esotericism.

ICE AGES — Strike The Ground
Jul 14 2019 08:30

We are proud to announce the REISSUE of the iconic EBM/industrial project by Richard Lederer of the dark wave band Die Verbannten Kinder Evas and the metal band Summoning.

Until Death Overtakes Me — Funeral Path
Jul 11 2019 09:47

The 2004 album now on CD. The most ambient and atmospheric Until Death Overtakes Me release thus far, a link between ‘Prelude to Monolith’ and ‘Symphony III : Monolith’.

Funeral Path is a soothing, hypnotising guide to the end in two tracks. The journey starts with the extended full ambient version of ‘Funeral Dance’ — 50 minutes of soothing funeral ambient. The album closes with a cover of Chopin’s Marche Funebre — the classic burial dirge re-imagined with a modern synth sound.

Let Until Death Overtakes Me be your guide through slow-motion whirlwinds of sound and atmospheres, on a path that inevitably leads to shadow realms, and ultimately, the end.

GS PRODUCTIONS social media


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